The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore


10/13/2018/12:00 pm – 3:00pm/ 25 Broadway, New York, NY 10004/Register


Focus Event: A 3-hour workshop to create your productivity style and change ‘being busy’ to ‘being productive’.

The main goal of a Focus Event is to help participants define what is most important for them and to ignore the rest.

During this workshop participants will create a path to achieve balance and harmony, while living in an often stressful New York City. They will learn how to change their relationship with time and gain clarity about their priorities, intentions and goals.

A workshop without leaving NYC to focus and build a life filled with presence, meaningful actions and compassion.


  • Redefine your relationship with time
  • Gain clarity and focus on your goals
  • Design an everyday life filled with balance
  • Create a lifestyle of being present while simultaneously making things happen!
  • Create a game plan of how to stop doing everything and put your time and energy toward what is important to you.
  • Change your attitude about being “NYC busy”


  • Identified priorities and intentions for 2018
  • A focused game plan
  • A 3-month plan to achieve goals based on priorities
  • Clarity, calm and satisfaction on how the future may look


The 3-hour workshop will include group exercises, reflection, writing exercises, meditation, and a celebration. Cake and prosecco will be enjoyed at the end of the workshop!

Write us and we will be happy to bring it to you.